Keep running!

Keep running!
Success is attainable - just keep running!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Step by step

Hi All

I am new at blogging so please bear with me when I make blatant or stupid mistakes.

This is what I do know...

Success is attainable. The secret is to keep running (moving).

Here's a way to do it:

  • look at the right now; what are you doing?

  • what can you do right now? think simple, small things/ tasks

  • the dishes? washing the car? removing just a tiny patch of weeds from your garden? hugging your child or partner? trim your nails? shave? write out that birthday card? phone to apologise? organise your drawer? check the refuse bin? etc.

  • you see, it's the small things that adds up to bigger things...don't wait for something to happen first...

  • make things happen and the Universe will cannot respond if we do nothing

  • even the birds and all animals know this instinctively - they know they need to do something - only from action movement can be generated....

  • watch out for things like procrastination - sure paralyses you...resulting in NO ACTION....NO MOVEMENT

  • you wish to move right?

  • so com''s not that difficult.....just start an action...any action....surprise yourself....

  • one step at a time brings you the small successes which ultimately leads to the bigger successes

  • remember the age-old saying:

How do you eat an eliphant?

Bit by bit!

Remain enthusiastic my Friend.

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